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New York-based fashion designer Raxann Chin combines fashion and mythology for something magical to emerge. Best known for her unique expressions, unexpected accents, and attention to detail, Chin draws inspiration from a blend of life experiences to dictate design direction, designing exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces that are timeless and mystical.


Chin is a true artist in every sense of the word, holding no inhibitions to her creativity, she thinks outside the box at all times, creating pieces designed to convey sophisticated-elegance, exquisite-taste, flair, style and sensuality. “An integral part of Femhéka is to artistically express the magical dimensions of fashion and mythology,” Chin said. A self-taught fashion designer with a Finance and Entertainment background, Chin incorporates luxurious fabrics such as silks and fine linen reminiscent of the Goddess lifestyle.


Femhéka goes far beyond just elegant and sophisticated wear; Femhéka is a way of life weaved into a philosophy of empowering women to channel their inner Goddess. Derived from the combination of two words: 1. Fem- pertaining to a woman; feminine beauty; feminine dress; and 2. Heka- the Egyptian God of magic; to be magical -- Femhéka is the feminine magical Goddess. The fashion line fuses various cultures from around the world, and embodies an ethereal semblance.


A timeless feeling permeates throughout her work.


Femhéka is located in New York with studios both in the US and the Caribbean.

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